3 key benefits of collaboration in the creative industry

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me.”

3 key benefits of collaboration in the creative industry

  • October 18, 2017
  • Oli

3 key benefits of collaboration in the creative industry

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Steve Jobs was an incredible human being. He did incredible things, made a difference, and importantly strived to provide the world with the best. Every good business man or woman knows that the best way to win is in providing an excellent service or end product. They also know that 2 brains are better than one and to welcome the input of others; a growing trend in the creative world is collaboration and one which I strongly believe we should encourage and openly adopt. Competition is competition because those in the game are good enough to be competition. That means they provide their clients with something of tangible value, and to me where most see a threat I see an opportunity. An opportunity to work together to create something truly wonderful.

In the creative world of branding and web design in order to exceed the expectations of your clients it’s important to work with the most skilled creatives and experts. You may specialise in creating and establishing beautiful corporate identities and brand stories; having a trusted expert partner who can then translate that into a user-friendly on-brand digital presence makes sense. Just as it makes sense for them to have you as their branding specialists.

Mutually beneficial partnerships should be welcomed in order to grow your own business and here’s why:

1. Concept validation

Having to justify a strategy for a brand creation or web design to another creative firm encourages you to clearly demonstrate the value in your offering, emphasising your strengths and making you aware of your weaknesses. This way you are reminded of your skills and ways in which you can help others whilst also knowing when to seek help from other experts.

2. Growth

Problems are solved and businesses flourish when talented resources combine forces. Take the engineering teams of Cisco and Apple. In August 2015 they announced a collaboration between their 2 firms to share resources and knowledge to innovate together. Collaboration opens doors to new opportunities and provides your existing clients with added value through complementary service offerings. It represents growth and is a positive way of re-engaging with your clients and attracting new business.

3. Education

Listening to the views and experiences (positive and negative) of others is an education and allows you to grow your company’s knowledge base and expertise. Connecting with like-minded successful people in your field in my view can only be beneficial to you. It can help increase employee satisfaction and retention by learning how others operate and the systems they have in place.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important and knowing when to turn to others for help in order to provide your clients with something exceptional will reap rewards. Word of mouth is powerful and exceptionally satisfied clients is the key.

  • Oli