The Benefits of a Smaller Digital Marketing Agency

The Benefits of a Smaller Digital Marketing Agency

  • September 1, 2018
  • Pippa

The Benefits of a Smaller Digital Marketing Agency

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We often have a certain organisation that pops into mind when we think of an industry or service provider. Take Pizza Express for example, it might be the first restaurant we think of when searching for pizza, however often it’s the local Italian around the corner that will really satisfy our needs. Likewise, often it’s the smaller growth and marketing agencies that will be able to provide you with the services and care you require. That’s not to bash the bigger agencies – dough balls are great – rather it’s to clarify some of the benefits of smaller agencies that can be overlooked.

For Those Looking to Employ an Agency

Smaller agencies have a multitude of strengths. It all begins at the start of the process, the introduction. For larger agencies it is usually through a contact that you’re introduced. This contact is usually someone who will never actually deal with the development of your business and the production and implementation of your brand’s growth strategy. Already an element of personal care is lost, something that would not happen in a smaller agency.

The question of who is providing the services and care is another consideration. Smaller agencies give you the luxury of having the people at the top, those with the most experience, as well as the whole team dedicated to your brand’s development. This compares to larger agencies where often your sole service provider is an account executive with less experience that is often dealing with the demands of numerous other clients. This leads me to the next strength of employing a smaller agency – smaller agencies are less likely to have as many clients and they are often more selective of whom they on-board because of this. By having fewer clients it means more time to invest in you and a greater vested interest, and selectivity ensures that they’re passionate about your brand too!

Larger agencies tend to also be process driven. They have a standard procedure that they employ for most of their clients, whereas smaller agencies will create a brand strategy that is tailored to the client’s specific requirements and goals. Smaller agencies will often use creative strategies that think outside the box rather than sticking to any given process. For example, although a smaller agency may label themselves as a digital marketing agency, they are often more likely to develop original ideas, innovative strategies and push the boundaries in terms of creativity, often suggesting strategies which may be outside their remit.

For Those Looking for Employment in an Agency

It’s also important to consider another perspective when comparing smaller agencies with bigger agencies. For those looking for work within a marketing agency, whether at the beginning of their career or with a few years experience under your belt, there are significant benefits a smaller company can offer.

From the outset, working in a smaller agency means that you are exposed to a more holistic picture. Although you will be responsible for certain tasks within the team, you will also be made aware of the clients overall targets and requirements across the board, and will be able to contribute in ways outside your specific job title. Along with this, working in a smaller team means that the contribution you make will be more influential; you will likely be given more responsibility, and your input will ultimately make more of a difference in your client’s brand development.

Communication is another strength of working in a smaller agency; this is actually a benefit on both ends of the spectrum – for the client and the employee. Smaller agencies mean there are less people to communicate through internally. For an employee this means that the ideas you have are easier to get across. It also means discussions about personal development within the agency are more open and easier to facilitate. For the client, less people to communicate with means: general organisation is easier, you’re always speaking to the right person, and also the tone will feel more personal and collaborative.

As an individual it is also important that you learn and develop in a job. In a smaller agency you will be able to make more of a footprint on both the client and in the overall growth of the agency too. Job roles are often more fluid so there is more space for you to develop in areas you are passionate about. The added responsibility that comes when working in a smaller agency is also great for challenging you. A final thought is that smaller agencies usually work with less established brands and start-ups. It is great that larger agencies can offer you incredible and widely recognised clients, but that’s not to undermine the excitement that comes with being part of growing a start-up and seeing the difference you can make.

  • Pippa