Social Media Marketing 101: LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing 101: LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing 101: LinkedIn

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LinkedIn means business. Once you’ve logged in, you know that you’re dealing with a different kettle of fish to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B marketing. With access to a multitude of companies and professionals, LinkedIn enables you to contact and interact with a huge network. It also gives you the opportunity as an individual to present yourself from a purely professional standpoint.

From a business’ perspective, there are a few ways to use LinkedIn to maximise growth:

Your Company Page

A company page on LinkedIn adds value to your business. It creates another avenue for people to discover you and your company. Here you can present your company’s culture, share blog posts (both your own and industry news), present yourself as an industry expert and keep people up-to-date with company news e.g. job postings. A good example of this is Unilever who passionately use LinkedIn to promote their Sustainable Living Plan, clearly demonstrating their brand’s values.


The LinkedIn community is full of opinions and opportunities. There’s always a conversation going on between companies and professionals. Whether it’s weighing in on the latest technology or a response to a job posting, LinkedIn provides you with a platform to network with businesses both within your industry and further afield.

Direct Approach

Although a slightly labour-intensive approach – manually searching for, connecting and messaging the business professionals you are targeting is a sure-fire way to ensure you are getting in front of the right eyes. Whether it’s a graduate looking for prospective jobs or a marketing agency reaching out to CMOs for new business, a manual approach is personal and more likely to get you a response.

Paid Advertising

LinkedIn advertising uses a targeted approach similar to Facebook. Paid advertising is a great way to get your company in front of a plethora of the right businesses. This is particularly useful for agencies that provide services to other businesses, for example a digital marketing agency that provides services that grow other businesses. Campaigns can be sponsored posts, text ads or sponsored InMail. Each campaign can be targeted using general demographics – age, gender, etc. as well as job titles, industries, fields of study, experience etc. Similar to Facebook/Instagram advertising, it’s important to tailor each campaign to a specific audience.