Social Media Marketing 101: Facebook

Social Media Marketing 101: Facebook

Social Media Marketing 101: Facebook

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As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of targeting the 2.01bn users that access Facebook monthly. Here we share how you can use Facebook to your advantage when marketing your business.

 Tailoring Content

Tailoring content for the platform you choose to market on is essential. Take Buzzfeed’s Tasty and Proper Tasty accounts, with over 88 million and 18 million likes respectively, these videos get tens of millions of views regularly and remain two of the fastest growing Facebook pages. Why? These videos are optimised for Facebook’s auto-play feature, which starts playing videos without the sound on. Sound, as we know, is not essential for watching a video on how to make a proper tasty bowl of mac’n’cheese.

 Paid Advertising

Facebook is perfect for paid advertising (the same campaigns can also be set to run on Instagram). Facebook has a wealth of knowledge about its users; adverts can target very specific demographics, down to buying behaviours, locations and details such as estimated household incomes. When using this platform in business marketing, it’s important to tailor the campaign to your targeted audience.

Facebook paid advertising is very user friendly. Facebook Business Manager takes you through the process of setting up a campaign in easy-to-follow steps. It also gives more advanced options for those looking to split-test campaigns, or re-market to users by using a Pixel. Once the campaign is set up and running, it is easy to monitor reach, impressions, clicks and cost per click to assess whether your advertisement is fulfilling its purpose. Although the set up seems simple, to make the best use of all the features on offer, come up with a detailed strategy and manage the campaign daily requires a little more experience and time.


For event planners, festivals, theatres, stadiums and any business that relies on events as part of their marketing strategy, Facebook is invaluable. By creating a public event on Facebook, you can invite people, share details about the event, send event reminders and most importantly, people can share the event with their friends – a digital word-of-mouth strategy.