WhatsApp's New Way to Connect With Customers

    WhatsApp’s New Way to Connect With Customers

      WhatsApp’s New Way to Connect With Customers

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      WhatsApp is introducing a new way to communicate with businesses – customer-business chat. This feature allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a private and secure manner. By using customer-business chat, businesses can resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, customer-business chat allows businesses to monitor customer sentiment and understand customer needs more effectively.

      Starting in the coming weeks, this customer-business chat feature will let customers ask questions, receive answers, and even make payments. Better yet, it’s free to use for customers and free for smaller businesses! How great is that? So if like many businesses you to offer faster customer support, or take quicker payments, WhatsApp is definitely worth looking to include on your website.

      Why is WhatsApp launching this feature?

      WhatsApp is launching a new feature that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in an engaging and interactive way. Meta has introduced several new shopping-focused platforms over the past few years, and this is one of them. The new software will be free for smaller businesses, and customers for example will be able to click on a Customer Service button and launch a WhatsApp conversation with staff. Businesses will be able to manage it from a customised dashboard to chat with shoppers. This new feature is sure to help businesses increase sales and reach new customers in a more efficient way.

      How does customer-business chat work?

      This service allows customers to talk to businesses directly, without leaving the messaging app. The advantage of this is that businesses can respond quickly and easily to customer queries and complaints. Overall, it’s a great way for businesses to keep in touch with their customers and maintain high levels of communication. As a business, it’s important to be aware of this new service and take advantage of its advantages. For example, by using customer-business chat, businesses can keep track of customer sentiment and react quickly to any issues or queries.

      The customer-business chat is a great way to generate revenue for Meta too – as businesses pay per message sent and WhatsApp is essentially a free software used by millions around the World. This helps Meta generate revenue on the platform.

      Interested in finding out more?

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